next USA orders go out APR/15/2024

1:10 scale Supremes

$95.00 USD

Set of four 1:10 scale chrome plated Supremes for the Redcat lowriders. These are wrapped in our own hollow rubber 520 tire with factory adhered whitewall and dense foam insert for the best hopping performance. Wheels are secured to the axles by the knock off center cap with chip decal already applied and secured with a clear topcoat. Please tighten securely but be mindful to not break the bars off. Proper seating of the wheel to the hub is necessary however. You will need to use with 7mm hex hubs on the front to avoid interference from the A arms. I assume most of you have them already, if not you'll need to get some. These are extremely durable and will be able to handle any abuse you throw at them. Note backsides of wheels are not chrome plated.