next USA orders go out APR/15/2024

1:10 chip decals

$35.00 USD

Each sheet includes 36 different sets of die cut water slide decals for your 1:10 scale knock offs. Die cut meaning there is no need to cut out the circles. Backed with white so the colors pop on any surface. Most are 5.5mm OD with a few sets at 4.5mm. If you are not familiar with water slide decals please google and learn how to use them. They're quite simple though. Dip in water for 10 seconds, hold the paper backing with tweezers while sliding the chip onto your ko with a q-tip. You can tap the outside edge with your tweezers to position it properly. I suggest letting them dry 24 hours, then applying some sort of clear coat over them for protection and shine. At less than $1 dollar a set these are a smoking deal.